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Alexander Technique Lessons in Temecula, CA

About the Alexander Technique

  "People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures." - F.M. Alexander   

In Alexander Technique lessons, students learn to notice and get rid of undesired habits and make new choices.  Students learn to move with efficiency, the way our bodies were intended, decreasing pain and tension and making tasks easier and more enjoyable. 

The technique was developed by Australian actor F.M. Alexander.  Upon losing his voice during performance and with the medical field being unable to help him gain it back, he underwent a series of experiments of self use.  He discovered that when he went to recite or speak to an audience, he pulled his head back and down, depressing his larynx.  When he tried not to pull his head back and down when reciting, he found that he was unable to do so.  Thus, he had a strong habit that he noticed and desired to change. After a period of time, he discovered a process to "undo" the habit and to redirect his use to what he called the "means whereby," helping him get rid of his undesired habit so he could recite and perform again.  

What F.M. Alexander discovered in his experimentation is what we now call the Alexander Technique.  The steps include:

  • Noticing a habit or undesired response
  • Pausing and inhibiting the habit ("undoing")
  •  Continuing through the means whereby, directing self use without interfering 

He began teaching this technique and people found it useful in many different activities.   F.M. trained others to teach what he discovered and today there are Alexander Technique teachers throughout the world helping people get rid of undesired habits to live a life that they choose with freedom, ease, and the vitality that is innately our human birth right. 

To learn more about the Alexander Technique, visit www.AlexanderTechnique.com