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Alexander Technique Lessons in Temecula, CA

Private Lessons


The Alexander Technique is the study of how we use ourselves.  It is accessible for anyone open to new experiences and willing to change.  Principles of the Alexander Technique can be applied to just about anything.  

During Alexander Technique lessons, students learn to notice and release habits that interfere with natural movements, and to move with coordination and ease.  

Activity lessons can be given for standing, sitting, exercising, doing hobbies or crafts, daily tasks such as washing dishes, pushing a stroller, walking up stairs, texting, using a computer, and pretty much everything else.  

Students of the Alexander Technique often find that by getting rid of unnecessary tension, extra effort, and poor habits of self-use,  they gain a sense of increased energy, vibrance, and passion for life.

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Lessons for Musicians

The Alexander Technique helps musicians unlock their full potential and reach the next level of musicianship, help in areas of technique or musical expression where one might feel "stuck," and get out of pain. 

In Alexander Technique lessons, musicians learn to include their whole self in their music.  Rather than dividing the body into "parts," you learn to connect your physical and emotional self authentically so the music pours out of you effortlessly.  

Amy has extensive experience working with guitarists, pianists, string players, and singers.  In Alexander Technique lessons, the student is guided through movements in new ways that increase coordination and the understanding of the way our bodies work, which increases stamina, musicality, and presence in performance.