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About Amy


About Amy


Amy Hite is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique.  She is also a classical guitarist and music teacher, and holds a Masters Degree in Classical Guitar Performance from California State University, Fullerton.

 She studied Alexander Technique at the Contemporary Alexander School with master teachers Robyn Avalon, Bruce Fertman, Sakiko Ishitsubo, Midori Shinkai, and Margarete Tushaus.  She has also studied privately with Bill Conable, Wendy Waggener, Dory Steinmetz, and Christie Johnson.  

Amy has completed two summer internships at the Meadowmount School of Music, where she assisted and taught the Alexander Technique to violinists, violists, cellists, and pianists from all over the world.  She is passionate about teaching the Alexander Technique to all populations and enjoys teaching activities.  

More about Amy's music career can be found at www.AmyHiteGuitar.com

Amy's Journey with the Alexander Technique

Amy first discovered the Alexander Technique when she was in her second year of college as a guitar performance major.  She had carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndrome in both arms and hands, was in constant pain, and was limited with her guitar practice.  She was told that the only option was surgery.  Not wanting to risk surgery, she researched alternative options.  

Amy started a daily yoga practice, changed her diet, and began taking Alexander Technique lessons with local teacher Dory Steinmetz.  While the yoga and dietary changes helped manage the pain and inflammation, Alexander Technique helped Amy discover why the pain was occurring in the first place.  Over time, she changed her habits to eliminate the source of the pain. 

Alexander Technique helped Amy notice when tension arose and taught her how to make new choices that enabled her to enjoy playing music again and live her life with  less  pain and stress.  Her musicality opened up effortlessly when letting go of the tension habits.  She not only decreased the inflammation, but became a better musician and teacher in the process.  

Alexander Technique also helped Amy get her life back in other ways.  Prior to taking Alexander Technique lessons, she lived with chronic pain in her shoulders and neck and as a result had to leave her office job and refrain from doing many other things she loved.  Everything from walking to doing the dishes became difficult.  By embodying the principles of the Alexander Technique in everything in her life, Amy is now able to use the computer to run her teaching practice without fatigue.  She returned to the gym and is able to play any desired sport. She enjoys taking piano lessons, hiking with her husband and her dogs, cooking, and playing basketball with her nephews.  In essence, the Alexander Technique helped Amy get her life back.  Alexander Technique has also helped her to be more present in life, and since, everything has become more enjoyable.  

Amy chose to become a teacher of the Alexander Technique to help others enjoy a full life.